Edge Full Screen v1.1发布

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经过一段时间的恢复,最近有点时间把这个插件推送到win10 应用商店。
Edge Full Screen v1.1发布,安装插件后,用户进入Edge浏览器默认就全屏。更大屏幕浏览网页。


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We have completed review & your request for submission has been approved. Next step is for store team to enable the restricted permission on your submission (usually happens within 24-48 hours) post which you should be able to submit the extension.

When store team approves, you should receive an email asking you to submit through Partner Dashboard. However, if you do not receive this email after 48 hours, please try to submit the extension package. If you receive an error at time of submission that the restricted permission is not available, please reach out to us.

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App Policies: 10.1.2 Promised Functionality
Notes To Developer
There is an issue with the functionality claimed in the metadata.
Functionality claimed in the metadata is not present in the app.
The Edge browser does not launch in full screen. Users have to select the Start button after launching.
Tested Devices: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

App Policies: 10.5.1 Privacy Policy
Notes To Developer
Because the app is an Edge Extension, a working link to a privacy policy must be provided in the “privacy policy URL” field when the app is submitted. Include the privacy policy URL during app submission under the Properties section. For additional assistance with updating the privacy policy URL, please contact Developer Support via Dev Center or here:

App Policies: 10.1.4 Icon
Notes To Developer
Please provide a clear icon (not distorted, blurry, or low resolution). For more information, please see

Please Note
Your current certification results might differ from earlier submissions because Microsoft Store policy requirements can change over time. When policies change, we might re-test according to the new requirements regardless of the submission type. Please always rely on your most recent certification results.